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Sun shading refers to the various ways in which direct sunlight is kept out of spaces in the building. This is especially necessary in high rise buildings where direct sunlight gets into the building through windows. The following are ways in which this problem is tackled: · Built Solutions: These are sun shading solutions that are built as part of the building. Examples here include: o Cantilever balconies: Although balconies are meant to be used as external spaces, they are at times designed to offer a supplementary duty of offering shade from the sun on windows on lower floors. This can be enhanced by designing the balconies with a downstand beam for better shading. o Glazing films & Solar glazing: Since most windows are infilled in glazing, it works best to target these when sun shading is being considered. This is either done by the use of glass with sun diverting or absorbing capabilities or by covering such glazing with solar film, whether reflective or absorptive. o Curtain walls: A curtain wall can simply be defined as a supplementary wall, usually decorative and covering the main functional walls. They are usually made of glass and the above mentioned glazing solutions apply. o Hanging sun shades: these are various solutions whereby elements like wood, steel or concrete pieces are hang above windows, whether in louvers or full pieces. o False roofs / eaves: These are small roof-like structures butting into walls and aimed at covering windows below them in a bid to shade them from direct sunlight. · Furnitures: These are items input in the building after it is complete in a bid to enhance their sun shading capabilities. They include the following: o Blinds: these are usually in the form of light clothing. They are in most cases done in two layers of different weights. o Louvres: these are many small pieces, either going horizontally or vertically that can be tilted in a bid to divert or avert sun rays. Louvers are either made of clothe, timber, PVC, aluminium and so forth. The best and cost effective solution is however by designing the building in such a way that it will require little or no sun shading. This is usually done by orientating the building in such a way that windows are directed against the sun's path, thus ensuring that no sunlight gets in the building through windows. Sun shading will ensure comfortable spaces by reducing sun distraction as well as heat.
  • Blooming Out Of Season
    Tue, 05 Oct 2010 19:54:44 -0500
    We usually find ourselves in situations whereby all we live for, all we believe in and everything good around us turns against us and we feel irrelevant and useless! Well, see why this is just a minor issue we can brush off our shoulders.
  • The Problem Is In The Solution
    Tue, 05 Oct 2010 19:54:39 -0500
    Do you ever reflect back on any problem or conflict you have had, whatever the outcome was? Do you always wonder why you never seem to strike a solution in whatever little misunderstanding with your spouse? Is the gap between the two of you becoming wider each day? See why the problem is never the problem, but rather the solution!
  • Ambition, Greed and the Other Side
    Thu, 09 Sep 2010 08:11:01 -0500
    Do you always find yourself the lesser in whichever situation? Do you always wish you were more or had more than you do now? Do you always covet that which is your neighbour's? Find out why you are yet to be envied, adored and emulated.
  • Times of Change
    Thu, 19 Aug 2010 11:20:55 -0500
    Why do things in life, including life itself, change? What is the next change to expect?
  • Unleash the Hero Within
    Tue, 10 Aug 2010 13:26:09 -0500
    Very many people say that they are not this because of where they were born, what they got from their parents or even the society they live in. The truth is different! Find out why!
  • The Beauty IN Deep
    Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:21:30 -0500
    To all the women out there, here is the one secret to undisputed beauty. Know the secret, claim your right!
  • A Dying Heritage
    Fri, 30 Jul 2010 13:26:26 -0500
    This is about the dying cultural ways of the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya. It reflects on the vast cultural erosion that is being experienced today. It is however to be noted that this article is not advocating on retention of all the old cultural ways, but the ones that are developmental. It also goes ahead to appreciate the efforts from some quarters to reclaim the fading glory.
  • Internet Dollars - For You
    Wed, 21 Jul 2010 12:01:16 -0500
    This article is a summary of e-commerce. It gives an overview of this business, with emphasis being on the option of advertisements by webmasters and bloggers. It is worth noting that this is not the only form of e-commerce available. It is however very appropriate for many surfers and should be tried by any person with a website and looking to add to their income.
  • Breast Cancer - The Bra and the Memories of the Breast Cancer Day
    Mon, 19 Jul 2010 10:26:27 -0500
    I have always been a curious chap and in more ways than one, this has led me into trouble if not unnecessary head traffic jams! This way, it did not hit me by surprise when my fellow female Facebookers decided to give me an uphill task. This particular day, people were quoting the names of colours and not adding any footnotes for slow thinkers like I am!
  • Your Name and You
    Thu, 15 Jul 2010 14:57:20 -0500
    What exactly is in a name? Is your name you or are you your name?